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Peter Wilde
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1985   B.Sc. (Hons) Biophysics, University of East Anglia.

2000   Ph.D. Interfacial Properties of Proteins, University of East Anglia.

Current and recent positions:

2011    Research Leader: Food & Health, Institute of Food Research (IFR) (BBSRC funded)

2005    Band 4 (F), IFR. (BBSRC Funded)

2003    Head of Molecular Biophysics Group, IFR. (BBSRC Funded)

1999    Band 5, Senior Post Doc, IFR. (BBSRC Funded)

1993    Higher Scientific Officer (Band 6), IFR. (AFRC Funded)

1985    Scientific officer (Band 7), IFR. (AFRC funded)

Since 1999 I have been a project leader on external, competitively won projects so parts of my funding have come from other sources including DEFRA, EU, TSB and Industry depending on the source of my external income.

Current position:

      Research Leader and Deputy leader of the Food Innovation and Health Strategic Programme at the Quadram Institute Bioscience (QIB). My main role is to lead the food structure research team within QIB which comprises 3 career track research leaders, 7 post-docs, 8 PhD students and a number of visiting scientists and students, and develop new and innovative approaches to integrate international quality food materials science within the context of food, health and digestive physiology. My own research group comprising 2 post docs and 4 PhD students and a variable number of visiting scientists and students. My research is funded through a combination of the Strategic Programme Grant which funds my strategic research coupled with competitively won grants. I maintain good links with industry through collaborative projects and consultancies. I provide intellectual input and expertise into a range of projects within the programme, and drive the development of publications and other outputs. I write or contribute to papers coming out of my projects, and aim to publish them in high impact journals. I present the results of the work at conferences and seminars and other dissemination events. I peer review for a range of journals (eg Nature Nanotechnology, Langmuir, Soft Matter, Food Hydrocolloids, Biochemistry), I act as an expert reviewer of grant applications, both national (BBSRC, Charities) and International (incl. France, Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland), and act as external examiner to PhD theses both in UK universities and overseas (incl. Netherlands, Spain, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand).

Research Interests:

      Since 1990 my main research interest has been studying the interfacial properties of surface-active food components. The aim is to understand the fundamental mechanisms underlying interfacial and colloidal behaviour over a wide range of length scales from how molecular structure influences the physical properties of the interfacial film, which in turn can explain bulk functional behaviour (i.e. foam and emulsion stability). My main focus has been to understand how proteins and lipids adsorb at interfaces, what structural changes take place and how this affects interfacial tension, interfacial rheology, adsorbed layer dynamics and subsequent foam and emulsion properties. I played a major role in formulating hypotheses regarding the problems encountered with the competitive destabilisation of proteins by surfactants. This has been applied to projects involving gas cell stabilisation with both the baking and brewing industries, notably the joint development of a patentable process to extract foam and emulsion stabilisers from brewers spent grain. My current research is focussed on studying the fundamental mechanisms that control the structure breakdown of food systems during digestion. One aspect is understanding how interfacial properties can be used to control emulsion functionality to reduce fat intake or promote satiety. This includes work on multiple water-in-oil-in-water multiple emulsions to reduce fat content in emulsion based foods. Another is understanding the molecular and colloidal mechanisms underpinning the development and breakdown of food structures during digestion and subsequent release of nutrients and bioactive compounds in order to develop strategies for improving the nutritional impact of foods. The rate of digestion of food structures is of particular interest, as controlling the rate of digestion and uptake of nutrients has positive health benefits including prolonging satiety increasing insulin sensitivity and reducing hyperlipaemia. I have experience in submitting and leading a range of multipartner collaborative projects funded through BBSRC, LINK, DTI and EU, involving partners from both academia and industry.

Publication summary:

      I have published over 150 peer reviewed papers, 4 of which have over 200 citations each (h-index = 44, average citations = 37 per paper), presented approximately 20 invited lectures at international meetings. I was invited to serve as a member of the European Brewing Science Convention – Brewing Science Group, and invited specialist advisor on the RAE 2008 exercise. I am an Honorary Professor in the School of Pharmacy at the University of East Anglia and at School of Food Science and Bioengineering, Zhejiang Gongshang University, China. I sit on the editorial board of Food Hydrocolloids and Colloids and Interfaces and I am a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry Food Interest Committee.

Recent relevant publications:

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